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If you like marines, this is the promised land where manna falls from the sky. H2O is the most focused marine store I've visited and has raised the bar on what I'd expect in a serious retailer.

Inverts are very much the order of the day, an endless soup of corals of the kind of quality that may well be unrivalled in this country. Colours are intense, their health unsurpassed and prices so fair that you wonder if there's been an error in labelling

The dry goods are unlike anything I've yet seen in a store – marine or otherwise.

Everything oozes professionalism and after a cursory glance at the shelves you know you're in at the care of somewhere which really knows how to handle reef customers.

You'll struggle to see corals of this calibre anywhere else.

KZ (the coveted Zeovit system) products are plentiful, balling elements, resins, supplements, ultra-high quality testing kits and so much more seep from the tightly-packed racking, all interspersed with premium hardware and electrical goods.

If you need LEDs they're here. If you need obscure acro-bug cures, they're here. For the reefer, this is as close to complete as a supplier can get. The fish are equally desirable, but you'll need to bring a plump wallet if you fancy something really special. That's not to say that anything its overpriced, just that H2O is happy to stock the high-end livestock that some places won't, like the Golden anthers that both the photographer and I were salivating over.

Freshwater is a tiny sideline here, as is cold water, but if you're visiting it's going to be to admire these wonderful marines.

The owner's knowledge is something to behold and at the first hint of getting technical you'll evoke his obvious passion for the subject. I would be happy to put the care of any marine aquarium in his hands, knowing that he'll be able to resolve any issues.

The stocking is inspiring and different.


This is an absolute must visit for anyone marine. If you know how to spot quality in coral you'll be frothing at the mouth when you see what's on offer. Take reef keeping to true next level and get yourself here, get some top-end equipment and make yourself a tank the world will envy.


What stood out

> Golden anthias £110
> Twilight angel £54
> Ultra Fungia £69
> Marshall Island wrasse £130 pair
> Velvet angel £31
> Scolymia £150-£350
> Acropora £50
> Chalice coral £129
> Convict tang, not for sale.

Expect top end inverts.

Fish here are just as colourful as the corals.

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